Wiccan Pagan Witch Shirt

Not all Wiccans are necessarily witches and not all witches practice Wicca.  Any pagan that casts spells or performs rituals has been called a witch at least at some point and those that practice ceremonial magick are themselves witches, or warlocks in some discilpines.  Why not proudly display your label with this expressive and colorful shirt design?


In bold gothic style print transforming from darks into bold royal purple with a vibrant outer glowing border this unique and reverent take on the Witch label stuns others with its elegance and style and looks stunning on almost every color, especially darks and blacks.  Everyone in the coven will adore this look and while not exactly a required uniform for inside the magic circle, this pagan-oriented design can be worn with humor, seriousness, or just to make a shocking fashion statement of self-expression.

Pagan Wiccan Witch Shirt

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