The Wheel of the Zodiac


If you know your astrology then you know that the heavens are divided into twelve houses, or sections, with each house representing a sign of the zodiac. In each and every section of the zodiac there is a constellation associated with each sign of the zodiac. 


Created in brilliant royal purples with shaded beveling and smooth contouring, this wheel of the zodiac features the 12 signs of the zodiac in their respective positions, with  both the symbolic rune for each sign as well as the constellation named after the sign.  Devoid of text in order to not sully this artful and mystic zodiac Wheel of the Year shirt design, this is surrounded by the representations of the sun and moon in both their yearly and lunar cycles and features whimsical and stylized mystic sun and Moon figures in the center.


Because there is no text on this mystical astrological design it is a fun conversation starter and a piece of wearable art unlike any other you've seen.  Perfect for doing readings, out and about, or at parties, this zodiac wheel shirt add a touch of class, mystery, and elegance to your wardrobe, and looks stunning when printed on darker colors of those that compliment the deep purple hues.  Another unique Loki's Reverie exclusive to help you express your unique identity.


Mystic Astrology Zodiac Wheel Shirt


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