Leo Lion Symbol Zodiac Shirt



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Leo Lion Symbol Zodiac Shirt
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Leo Lion Symbol Zodiac Shirt


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Leo Zodiac Symbol Shirt


Leo is the lion, this well suited symbol represents Leo very well. They possess a kingdom which they protect and cherish. They are high esteemed, honorable and very devoted--to themselves in particular! The kingdom could be anything from work to home to a partner, whatever it is, you rule it. Leo is always center stage and full of flair, they enjoy basking in the spotlight. A Leo always makes their presence known. Leo are full of energy that acts like a magnet for other people. Others are attracted to Leo's wit, charm, and what they have to say for they speak of things grand and very interesting. Leo will never settle for second best.


This Loki's Reverie zodiac shirt features the zodiac symbol of your astrological sign in bold and brilliant royal purple hues with matching  text and a soft glowing outline.  Perfect for yourself or as a gift, you will look stunning in this exclusive shirt astrological zodiac shirt design.  Because of the coloring and contours of this design it has the best vibrancy on high contrast colors such as very dark colors or very light.  Medium hues give it a subdued almost vintage contrast.   


Leos want only the best which can cause lavish excessive spending habits as they enjoy their life of luxury, which is all to easily justified by the grand and magnificent Leo! Public image is very important to Leo, with luxurious possessions and ways of life, this keeps the public image in high standing. They will do whatever it takes to protect their own reputation. Leos are very generous, kind and openhearted people. If a Leo is crossed, they will strike back with force but they are not one to hold a grudge, they easily forgive, forget and move on. Leos are always trying to make things right in the world, they have larger then life emotions and they need to feel like they have accomplished something at the end of the day. They react to situations with action instead of sitting back and thinking about it, they are not impulsive however because they look at the future and consider consequences of their actions.

Element: Fire

Ruling planet: Sun

End Date: August 22

Start Date: July 22

Zodiac symbol: Lion

Stone color: Peridot